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Construct Games

Time for the real deal!

With real life-sized construction materials, technical support, effort and courage anything becomes possible.

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Fire walk

During a fire walk, people can learn how to handle challenges in a safe manner.

This ancient ritual originated from several native tribes in America and Africa.

It teaches you to overcome the unknown: you are walking barefoot on burning charcoal, still your feet won’t burn.

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Music Night

A dazzling music quiz creating excitement and an ideal starter to dance the night away!

Each table represents a team and competes against the other teams in 5 music rounds.

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Belgian Beer Casino

This unique concept combines an evening of gambling with world-renowned beers.

Our beer sommeliers will enhance your knowledge of this nectar of the gods.

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Curiosa Games

This circuit of Old Flemish games takes you back to the atmosphere of golden times, where one didn’t amuse himself with television or internet, but with self-made, authentic games.

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Hollywood Trivia

Unroll the red carpet, turn on the studiolights and have yourself amased by the spectacular glitter and glamour only to be seen in Hollywood!

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Gambling Fever

Do you feel like gambling and unbridling your emotions?

What about organizing your own evening out at the Casino: we install French or American Roulette, Blackjack, poker etc. for you and a professional croupier explains the ropes of the game.

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Discover with your colleagues the Belgian or World cuisine.

Are your colleagues as fast in the kitchen as at work?

Can they handle a casserole with the same skill as a computer ? Or do they make a mess ?

With our program ‘ Cook-a-like ‘ we grill them.

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Luxurious Oldtimer Tour

From behind the wheel of an exclusive, high class oldtimer, you will discover the landscape of the region of your choice.

We will happily create a tailor-made rally to make sure you have an unforgettable day!

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Workshop Fencing

Spectacular scenes from Zorro and a proud ‘en garde‘ come to mind when you hear the word fencing.

Without a doubt anyone that has ever seen a duel can describe meticulously a part of the fight that they found intriguing, mysterious and even elegant.

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