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Promenade Gantoise

This is anything but a traditional guided tour- it’s an exclusive and cultural concept.

Experience Ghent as never before!

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Ghent Trophy

During this ‘Trophy’, you will make a trail with raft boats on the rivers of the ‘Leie’ and the ‘Lieve’ through Ghent.

Along the way you will discover the main attractions as well as the lesser known, beautiful places of the city.

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Power Ghent

Ghent was created by the confluence of the rivers the ‘Leie’ and the ‘Schelde’.

A rich history, today combined with a jumble of young creative people. The classic buildings, the canals, the many churches, cobblestone streets, ...

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Clip Walk Visual Rally

This original town trail takes two and a half hours and will give you the opportunity to experience the city of your choice as never before.

The team members clip a series of clues onto a master-board: this will show them the shortest way to a healthy slice of culture, to great team spirit and to a stack of fantastic prizes

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Murder & Mystery Tour

The Inspector and his assistant welcome you and explain that a murder was committed last night.

A man was found dead in the heart of the city near the Fish market.

They are now making an allout effort to find the murderer and the gun and are also trying to find out the motive of this crime.

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Team Dynamics Workshop

Did you know the word team comes from Together Everybody Achieves More?

Our Team Dynamics workshop creates clarity and motivates teams in a respectful but challenging way. During this playful workshop team members find their common interest.

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Body Language Trivia

Experience, learn, play and test your knowledge of body language during the Body Language Trivia workshop.

This concept starts with an introduction of 45 min about the impact of positive body language.

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Bamboo Team Challenge

Teambuilding in its finest reportaire.

It starts with an idea, then a plan and with the experts help you will create an impressive and visually strong concept.

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Construct Games

Time for the real deal!

With real life-sized construction materials, technical support, effort and courage anything becomes possible.

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Fire walk

During a fire walk, people can learn how to handle challenges in a safe manner.

This ancient ritual originated from several native tribes in America and Africa.

It teaches you to overcome the unknown: you are walking barefoot on burning charcoal, still your feet won’t burn.

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