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Clip Bike Visual Rally

This original town trail takes three hours and will give you the opportunity to experience the city of your choice as never before.

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Power Bruges

Bruges, the Venice of the North.

The canals that run through the city centre, the historical buildings, the many churches, the cobblestone streets, …..

All this and more to be discovered while jogging with our guide along the A-route and lesser known gems of Bruges.

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Flemish Primitives

This interactive course will take you along the historical sites and lesser known gems of Bruges “Die Scone“.

Your group will be divided into teams of 10 persons and immersed into the world of Bruges circa 1450 where the clergy and freemasons made the rules.

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Out & about with Till Owlglass

This format is suitable as an original teambuilding activity and as a nice way to discover the picturesque village of Damme, both for companies as for family-groups.

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Concert Ensemble

A concert an authentic and versatile 15th and 16th century instrumentarium.

An enriching and historical introduction….A humorous and varied repertoire!

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Medieval Entourage

You are royally welcomed by the king and queen and the knights who fight for the hand of the fair maiden.

Next the town crier invites you to enjoy the spectacle

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Brussels Comic Strip Rally

This rally brings you through the heart of historic Brussels and is an ideal combination of teamspirit and the main attractions of the centre.

During 2,5 hours, you will experience the exclusive cartoon route (murals) and find the useful info that will lead your teams to a final result and a winning team!

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Fencing in Bruges

Spectacular scenes from Zorro and a proud ‘en garde‘ come to mind when you hear the word fencing.

Without a doubt anyone that has ever seen a duel can describe meticulously a part of the fight that they found intriguing, mysterious and even elegant.

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This interactive workshop lets you enjoy indulge in chocolate and is a healthy mix of the expertise of our master chef and entertainment.

You will be able to create and take home your own chocolate masterpiece.

Tasting is of course mandatory!

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Slow Cooking at the diner table

This formula stands for pure indulgence. We start off with an aperitif and under the guidance of the hostess take our place at the chef’s table.

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