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SOS Foxtrot

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  • SOS Foxtrot
  • SOS Foxtrot
Give your team the teambuilding they deserve!
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Exciting team game

Imagine: you’re in a submarine and all hatches close won’t be opened for the following period of three months during which you’re stuck with the your fellow crew and the grumpy captain.

On board each crew member belongs to one of the four main divisions: Navigation, Propulsion, Energy, and Connections.

In a separate location, each unit is instructed by lieutenant Vladimir Max and his crew officers explaining today’s mission.

Suddenly, the submarine is hit by a torpedo and there is only a short period of time to avoid the irreversible!

The divisions will have to cooperate closely or will stay together… forever.

This is the start of this team building activity.

The four divisions must collect the much needed equipment and material to save the submarine and its crew from the imminent disaster.