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Segway & Ribs Kicks

  • Segway & Ribs Kicks
  • Segway & Ribs Kicks
  • Segway & Ribs Kicks
  • Segway & Ribs Kicks
Give your team the teambuilding they deserve!
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Testing adventurous vehicles

Agility and speed.

These are the basic requirements for this Segway and RIB experience.

Both initiations start with an explanation about technique and safety, in the marinas: Zeebrugge, Oostende, Nieuwpoort, Cadzand or Blankenberge.

Afterwards there is enough time to test out these adventurous vehicles yourself.

The Segway is a self-balancing, electronically-driven vehicle. By using your body you can handle this device and do some city exploration with your surveyor. The Segway is also environmentally friendly! She is quiet and energy efficient, without any harmful emissions..

During the RIB initiation you will be enjoying, in a unique way, the fresh air with this 4 wheel drive vehicle of the coast.

Excitement and sensation guaranteed!

Afterwards everything can be analyzed in detail with a drink or a delicious BBQ with great ocean views!