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XL Fun Games

Enjoy a GIGANTIC challenge with a high fun factor!

The target is to collect as many points as possible with your team by participating in a number of MEGA games in a healthy and competitive atmosphere.

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Fort Adventure

The historic Fort Napoleon is unique pearl on the coast, hidden in the dunes near the city centre of Ostend.

In true Fort Boyard Adventure style you will discover the secrets of this mystical fort.

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Crystal Ship Rally

‘The Crystal Ship’ is a contemporary art festival in the city centre of Ostend. More than 40 artists from all over the world have created gigantic mural paintings and art pieces that can be found throughout the city.

During this artistic “Trophy”, you will experience by bike or by electric golfcart the most beautiful artworks the Crystal Ship has to offer.

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Blue Growth

Make time for innovation and change in your company during a Blue Growth Seminar.

Just like the business world, the sea is an eternal source of inspiration with numerous challenges.

A seminar in the innovation and incubation center GreenBridge in Ostend offers, besides all meeting facilities, an overview of a range of innovative technologies and start-ups.

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