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City Tracks City Discovery

City Tracks is a fascinating adventure in the city centre of your preferred town.

Each team uses a fully interactive and digital map of the city in their tour around the city centre.

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Culinary Tour by Golf Cart

With this tour you will cruise along the Seaside Resort of your choice in an electric golf cart.

Your personalized road book will guide you to three gourmet hotspots where you will enjoy the finer things in life.

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Culiwalk Ostend

This culinary walk is the ultimate city experience at several locations in the heart of Ostend!

During this evening programme we explore 4 culinary hotspots in the “ City by The Sea “.

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Fun on Wheels

From behind the wheel you will discover the beautiful landscape of the region of your choice.

Vespa, Oldtimer (VW beetle, american oldtimers), Quad, Segway, race buggy, electrical bikes and scooters can be chosen to discover the picturesque roads along these villages. Or how about ecodriving with hybrid cars? - where the most economical driver is rewarded?

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Maritime Discoveries

After an unexpected encounter with a quite typical local figure, your qualified and experienced guide takes you on a tour full of pure sea air and a healthy blush on your cheeks!

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Beach Cocktail

During this cocktail of activities you will stay dry: to warm up there is an initiation to kiting.

After this short introduction, you can try to y a kite yourself.

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Beach Kicks

Beach and wind. That’s all we need for this Beach Kicks Adventure.

This activity combines kiting and blokarting.

Both initiations start with an explanation about technique and safety.

Afterwards there is plenty of time to test your guts and steering skills.

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Beach XL

Enjoy a GIGANTIC beach challenge with a high fun factor!

The target is to collect as many XL shells as possible with your team by participating in a number of MEGA games in a healthy and competitive beach atmosphere.

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This challenge takes place in and around a restored farm that is purposely converted to cater for teambuilding activities.

This mix of activities guarantees a healthy challenge atmosphere in your team.

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Masters of the Sea

This ultimate package offers your team an unforgettable day at sea.

We start off with ½ day of active sea sailing, where you and your crew will learn everything there is to know about how to sail a ship and earn your place on board.

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