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City Tracks City Discovery

City Tracks is a fascinating adventure in the city centre of your preferred town.

Each team uses a fully interactive and digital map of the city in their tour around the city centre.

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Fun on Wheels

From behind the wheel you will discover the beautiful landscape of the region of your choice.

Vespa, Oldtimer (VW beetle, american oldtimers), Quad, Segway, race buggy, electrical bikes and scooters can be chosen to discover the picturesque roads along these villages. Or how about ecodriving with hybrid cars? - where the most economical driver is rewarded?

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This challenge takes place in and around a restored farm that is purposely converted to cater for teambuilding activities.

This mix of activities guarantees a healthy challenge atmosphere in your team.

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Beer Paradise

A beer expert takes you on a Belgian Beer Seminar by visiting 3 typical “ beer pubs “ located in the city centre and reveals with great pleasure the secrets of genuine belgian beer.

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Best Cellar

‘Belgians are Burgundians‘, this is yet again proven in our Best Cellars programme, a tasteful combination of Flemish hospitality and regional gastronomy.

This culinary voyage starts with a beer aperitif under the expert guidance of our beer sommelier.

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Fun Cycling Tour

In the city of your choice we guide you, by bike, across the most beautiful places and picturesque villages of the region.

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You will be welcomed in the authentic decor of the Royal archery Guild. After a warm welcome and a short introduction by active members of the Guild, you and your guests are kindly invited to participate in our tournament where your shooting and other skills will be put to the test!

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Concert Ensemble

A concert an authentic and versatile 15th and 16th century instrumentarium.

An enriching and historical introduction….A humorous and varied repertoire!

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Medieval Entourage

You are royally welcomed by the king and queen and the knights who fight for the hand of the fair maiden.

Next the town crier invites you to enjoy the spectacle

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This interactive workshop lets you enjoy indulge in chocolate and is a healthy mix of the expertise of our master chef and entertainment.

You will be able to create and take home your own chocolate masterpiece.

Tasting is of course mandatory!

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