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City Tracks City Discovery

City Tracks is a fascinating adventure in the city centre of your preferred town.

Each team uses a fully interactive and digital map of the city in their tour around the city centre.

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Fun on Wheels

From behind the wheel you will discover the beautiful landscape of the region of your choice.

Vespa, Oldtimer (VW beetle, american oldtimers), Quad, Segway, race buggy, electrical bikes and scooters can be chosen to discover the picturesque roads along these villages. Or how about ecodriving with hybrid cars? - where the most economical driver is rewarded?

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Beach Cocktail

During this cocktail of activities you will stay dry: to warm up there is an initiation to kiting.

After this short introduction, you can try to y a kite yourself.

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Beach Kicks

Beach and wind. That’s all we need for this Beach Kicks Adventure.

This activity combines kiting and blokarting.

Both initiations start with an explanation about technique and safety.

Afterwards there is plenty of time to test your guts and steering skills.

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This challenge takes place in and around a restored farm that is purposely converted to cater for teambuilding activities.

This mix of activities guarantees a healthy challenge atmosphere in your team.

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Embarking on a sailing trip is quite different from floating about in a boat.

The skipper welcomes you and presents the day program.

Next, he introduces you to the basic concepts of sailing. You are an active participant in navigating and steering the vessel: from rigging up the boat to calculating the change of course at sea.

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Segway & Ribs Kicks

Agility and speed.

These are the basic requirements for this Segway and RIB experience.

Both initiations start with an explanation about technique and safety.

Afterwards there is enough time to test out these adventurous vehicles yourself.

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Beer Paradise

A beer expert takes you on a Belgian Beer Seminar by visiting 3 typical “ beer pubs “ located in the city centre and reveals with great pleasure the secrets of genuine belgian beer.

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Tour du Terroir

Cooking is not on the agenda, you will learn through the eyes of a chef how to taste and examine various products in their natural environment.

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Best Cellar

‘Belgians are Burgundians‘, this is yet again proven in our Best Cellars programme, a tasteful combination of Flemish hospitality and regional gastronomy.

This culinary voyage starts with a beer aperitif under the expert guidance of our beer sommelier.

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