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Hollywood Trivia

  • Hollywood Trivia
  • Hollywood Trivia
  • Hollywood Trivia
  • Hollywood Trivia
Give your team the teambuilding they deserve!
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Interactive quiz with a touch of glitter and glamour

Unroll the red carpet, turn on the studiolights and be yourself amazed by the spectacular glitter and glamour only seen in Hollywood!

‘Hollywood Trivia’ is an exciting and interactive quiz played out in various rounds between the courses your dinner.

Fans of movies and celibrities will be tested during this quiz. Their knowlegde about movie stars, movie heroes and showbizz stars will be put to the test by means of many questions with pictures, quotes, filmfragments, soundbites and Hollywood Trivia.

Stride together with your team to a glorious victory and win the desirable Oscar. Afterwords our trendy dj will throw a party Hollywood style!

An extraordinary evening, that you will never forget!

A must for all cinema fans!