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Haka workshop

  • Haka workshop
  • Haka workshop
  • Haka workshop
  • Haka workshop
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Experience the Moari ceremonial dance

Haka is the name of a group of ceremonial dances of the Maori from New Zealand.

It became world famous by the All Blacks rugby team and symbolizes the strength, perseverance and honorary code of an entire nation.

The dance itself consists of a series of gestures, often starting from a knee bent straddle. They flex their muscles and then hit it (for example sequentially on the chest, arms and thighs).

They also try to pull down the strenght of the gods from the skies with a downward pulling motion. In addition one can vary in facial expression, such as showing a long tongue.

Under the guidance of a Haka instructor, a real Haka is taught.

Fun and energy guaranteed!