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Culiwalk Ostend

  • Culiwalk Ostend
  • Culiwalk Ostend
  • Culiwalk Ostend
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Culinary walk at Ostend beach

This culinary walk is the ultimate city experience at several locations in the heart of Ostend!

During this evening programme we explore 3 to 4 culinary hotspots in the “City by The Sea”.

As aperitif we have the perfect cocktail in a trendy bar which you will make yourself under the watchful eye of the bartender. The starter and main course will be presented in two reputable establishments, one in the city, the other with majestic ocean views.

The dessert makes for a great relaxing end of the evening. In addition we suggest a musical interlude or guest speaker that gives you interesting insights in terms of etiquette, body language or international habits.