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Bruges Trophy

  • Bruges Trophy
  • Bruges Trophy
  • Bruges Trophy
  • Bruges Trophy
Give your team the teambuilding they deserve!
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Facinating city game in Bruges

During this Trophy, you’ll visit the picturesque Bruges.

Along the way you will discover the main attractions as well as the lesser known, beautiful places of the city.

Participants are divided into a number of teams, each given a map of the city, a questionnaire and a reply card.

The intention is, of course, to solve the questions as correctly as possible as well as discovering the photos in the street and locate them on the map.

Through some fun practical tests, even more points can be earned.

Afterwards, everything is neatly summed up and there will be an award ceremony. For the first three teams, there’s a nice prize!

This is a real success formula: the program is accessible to everyone, lets you discover the most interesting places of Bruges by foot and by boat and combines some fun tests with a healthy dose of team spirit!