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Blue Growth Seminar

Make time for innovation and change in your company during a Blue Growth Seminar.

Just like the business world, the sea is an eternal source of inspiration with numerous challenges.

A seminar in the innovation and incubation center GreenBridge, at the Ostend campus of Ghent's University, offers besides all meeting facilities (up to 200 people), an overview of a range of innovative technologies and start-ups.

The latter know how to extract economic activities from the sea, such as wave and tidal energy, aquaculture, marine biology and sustainable deep-sea mining.

After a short introduction, you can discover new ideas for your company by means of our innovation sessions and / or experience a refreshing team activity at sea with your entire team.

A tailor-made program with added value, fun and style can be a trip to the windmill parks on the high seas with ultra-fast RIB Boats, a land yachting session on the beach or a real sailing regatta on the open seas.

You can end the day with a dinner and / or overnight stay.