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Beer Paradise

  • Beer Paradise
  • Beer Paradise
  • Beer Paradise
Give your team the teambuilding they deserve!
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Tasting Belgian Beer

A beer expert takes you on a Belgian Beer Seminar by visiting 3 typical “ beer pubs “ located in the city centre and reveals with great pleasure the secrets of genuine Belgian beer.

Your programme: a little bit of history, information about the brewing process, the different types of beer and a lay out of the main breweries in Belgium.

A taste of the delicious barley beer is of course included !

To finish off there is the unforgettable beer quiz. Gastronomy and fun with a hint of history.

This visit can be combined with a gastronomic dinner, consisting of local Flemish dishes made with beer sauces and is ideal to introduce your foreign guests to the world of Belgian beer or to test your own knowledge.

For those who want a little bit more, you can also brew your own beer. Through beer blending and under the guidance of our beer expert you can mix the perfect beer according to your own taste.