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Beach Kicks

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  • Beach Kicks
  • Beach Kicks
Give your team the teambuilding they deserve!
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Active teambuilding on the beach

Beach and wind. That’s all we need for this Beach Kicks activity.

This activity combines kiting and blokarting. Both initiations start with an explanation about technique and safety.

Afterwards there is plenty of time to test your guts and steering skills. Kites are aircrafts with different lines and are therefore easier to control than traditional kites with one line. There are different kite types per wind speed. For example kiting is already possible as from Beaufort 1 or 2 on.

Blokarting is easier than it seems, anyone can do it! Thanks to its maneuverability, minimum weight and range of sail options, the Blokart can be used at many places and at different wind speeds.

After warming up and honing your blokarting skills, you can challenge each other into a competition.

This formula can be elaborated with several beach and watersports, such as beach volleyball, rafting, sea kayak, SUP’s, Beach XL Games, petangue tournament, etc…

As finishing touch we recommend a BBQ with an ocean view, the perfect way to end the day!